TikTok US: no new stay, on going discussions and expected court rulings 2021

    At the very end of last week, the Trump administration made the choice not to extend the reprieve granted to TikTok, while leaving discussions to continue around the hypothetical buyout of the application. According to a Reuters source within the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), the authorities are still working with the Chinese group ByteDance to “complete the dismantling [of TikTok] and other measures necessary to resolve the risks posed. to national security ” .

    After giving TikTok a few extra days of respite the previous week, this little game seems to be coming to an end this time. On the other hand, we have no idea when, or how, the government intends to block TikTok or force its sale to a US entity.

    Also according to Reuters, which quotes sources close to Donald Trump, the president himself refused to allow further extensions to be granted to TikTok. Recall that initially, the sanction was to fall on November 12, 2020, the date on which the TikTok app should have been banned from the App Store and the Play Store. We would have thought that Donald Trump would end up losing interest in this file by leaving his management to Joe Biden when he takes office, but the president in office seems to want to assert his authority.

    Decisive hearings on the way

    Note that Oracle and Walmart have agreed to take a stake in TikTok Global, an American structure that would publish the service in the United States by providing all the security guarantees desired by the government. However, this project seems to be stagnating, although it was dubbed by Donald Trump during his announcement. For their part, the Chinese authorities are not ready to let ByteDance cede technologies to companies across the Atlantic. Against this backdrop, it is likely that the next real breakthrough will be in the courts, with several judges choosing to shield TikTok from sweeping Washington decisions for lack of hard evidence. Appeals are underway and new hearings are expected on December 14th.

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