Leica re-releases 1966 lens with update for its M hybrids

    n 1966, Leica launched the Noctilux-M 50mm f / 1.2 ASPH. At the time, it was the first lens to feature aspherical lenses. Bright and popular with collectors, this “pebble” benefits from a reissue for modern hybrids.

    Leica is a builder who likes to play with the nostalgia of photography enthusiasts. Regularly, the Wetzlar firm re-sells old optics for those who would like to try them on more recent cameras. The latest is none other than the Noctilux-M 50mm f / 1.2 ASPH. Very open, offering a very soft bokeh according to Leica, it was also in 1966 the first lens to have aspherical lenses in its optical design. Now common in lenses, this type of lens, which notably improves the performance of optics at their largest apertures, then presented a great innovation

    55 years later, the German company resuscitates its legendary lens as much to satisfy collectors as photographers wishing to use it on a hybrid camera such as the Leica M , M10 , M 10 Monochrom , etc. Of course, it is always possible to mount this fixed focal length (without autofocus, let us specify it) on Leica M film cameras. The manufacturer specifies that the “new” lens is based on the same design as its ancestor. Moreover, if Leica promises that it is very powerful, even with regard to modern standards, the company specifies that it will not hesitate to close the diaphragm to f / 2.8 to obtain very clear images. It will therefore be necessary.

    An extremely rare optic

    Between 1966 and 1975, only 1757 Noctilux-M 50mm f / 1.2 ASPH (black version) were produced. There are also five models in silver chrome finish, among the rarest optics of Leica. The few collectors who then had a vintage lens will probably take a dim view of the arrival of this new iteration which will de facto make the lens a (little) more common. Note that in both cases, the lenses will be delivered in almost identical packaging to the original one.

    Leica obliges, this “stone” will not be accessible to all budgets. For the classic black version, it will cost € 6,950. For the chrome version (engraved with the Leica Wetzlar logo and limited to 100 copies), in addition to elbowing (or clicking), it will be necessary to get rid of the trifle of € 14,900! To your A.

    Leica takes the opportunity to update its M hybrids

    Along with the announcement of the Noctilux-M 50mm f / 1.2 ASPH. Leica is offering an update for three of its M- mount hybrids. The M 10-P , M 10-R and M 10 Monochrom are given a new perspective control function. Devices will now be able to determine whether they are held horizontally or vertically. Additionally, where appropriate, the boxes will perform calculations to correct leaky line issues that can be a concern with architectural photos. The correction of this distortion will be applied directly to the jpeg files and will be recorded in the metadata of the raw files, which will allow easy adjustment during development. The update can be downloaded from the Leica website.

    M 10-P “Reporter” ready for action

    Finally, if some of you feel the soul of an adventurer, know that Leica offers a slightly original version of its hybrid with the M 10-P rangefinder . The M 10-P “Reporter”, a full-frame body with a 24 Mpx sensor, is now adorned with a green dress and has its coating reinforced with kevlar. Covered in this way with the same material found in particular in some bulletproof vests, the camera would be better able to face the pangs of life. Limited to 450 copies for the moment, it is marketed at € 7,980 , or € 300 more than the classic M 10-P.

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