Huawei Store opening in Europe…the Chinese believe in their chances ?

    Understanding Huawei’s strategy for Europe, and therefore France, is not easy. After having made a round back because of US sanctions, the firm wants to regain a firm footing on the old continent.

    Accusations of technology theft and violation of sanctions in the United States , arrests of senior executives in Canada and Poland , exclusion from the deployment of 5G in several countries, commercial break with Google and ARM… Nothing is going well for Huawei. And if that wasn’t enough, the Trump administration has just imposed an American embargo on the Chinese giant . A decision that prompted Google to suspend all its commercial relations with the Chinese group.  The US Department of Commerce, however, offered him a temporary three-month general license . A short reprieve which was renewed several times in 2019.

    The Chinese telecom and smartphone giant has effectively been in the eye of the storm for several months. In question ? The world number two in smartphones is accused of wanting to spy on Western countries via its telecom solutions. Donald Trump’s administration has decided to take the lead in this new crusade against China, accused of theft of technology and ” warmongering towards its neighbors” . Beijing for its part reacted by accusing Washington in turn of using ” the power of the state to discredit and attack certain Chinese companies, in an attempt to strangle their operations, which are legitimate and legal “. 

    Restrictions in France?

    In France, the Head of State Emmanuel Macron reacted to the American decision by qualifying it as an  “inappropriate” approach which is not “the best way to reduce tensions” between the two countries . According to him, this is not the time to ” launch a technological war or a trade war against any country whatsoever .” ” Our perspective is not to block Huawei or any other company, but to preserve our national security and European sovereignty, ” he added. 

    Three manufacturers are in the running to win the 5G markets: Ericsson, Nokia and… Huawei. With a big advantage for the latter. French operators have multiplied in recent months 5G tests integrating its solutions, technologically advanced and less expensive. At Huawei, we recognize that we are involved in many of these operations. But on both sides, radio silence is the most absolute. 

    Huawei demolishes … and prepares the rest

    After Google’s announcement, Huawei’s response was quick. ” Huawei will continue to provide security updates for all existing Huawei and Honor smartphones and tablets. This applies to devices sold and in stock worldwide. We will continue to work on developing a secure and secure software ecosystem. sustainable in order to provide the best possible user experience worldwide “.

    And the Chinese giant ended up marketing its first smartphone without Android in France and around the world, the Mate 30 Pro . As for HarmonyOS , the open source solution for its operating system, it could reach us by 2020 and on a large majority of products.

    Because for Huawei, the time has now come to reconquer it, especially in Europe , while the United States is preparing to strengthen sanctions .

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