Confined musicians, Korg and Moog offer their synthesizer apps

    Famous synthesizer brands Korg and Moog have decided to offer their synth apps for free, to help confined musicians pass the time. Take advantage, because the offer is limited.

    Good news for keyboard players and music lovers. Besides being able to listen to as many albums as you want at home, this week you can enjoy free synthesizer apps from Korg and Moog.

    Synthesizer manufacturers Korg and Moog have taken turns this weekend to publish their applications The Minimoog Model D and Kaossilator for free . The first, only available on iOS, can be downloaded for free from the App Store , for the moment with no deadline. The two apps Kaossilator and iKaossilator are both available until March 20 only.

    Take advantage of quarantine to create music

    Korg announced the “giveaway” on his Twitter account, stating in his post that he wanted to help people in quarantine occupy their time. Moog did the same and urged users to take advantage of this app to “slow down, enjoy inner strength & experience the uplifting power of sound.” “.

    Minimoog Model D is an application that can be played on the famous portable synthesizer from the 70s Minimoog . Kaossilator offers a whole host of sounds and features to be able to create complete songs like on a real synthesizer.

    With the increase in the number of people in quarantine around the world, much of daily life will now revolve around indoor activities. These more creative applications will therefore give the opportunity to move away a little from Netflix or video games. These streaming activities could also soon be limited. In the event of saturation on the Internet network, the French ISPs indeed plan to give priority to teleworking.

    Source : Pitckfork

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