Android: the best free apps

    The editorial Guide have tested the best free apps for Android for you. Whether they are useful, funny or surprising… discover the applications of our selection.

    If the operating system from Google is now the most used in the world, the number of applications available in the Google Play store continues meanwhile to increase with more than a million apps available. Whether it is games like PUBG Mobile , Data Wing, Pokémon Go or Hearthstone , system applications like ES Explorer , media players like Player FM or VLC , many applications available in Google’s online store and there becomes difficult to choose.

    Among the most widespread applications, we obviously find mobile versions of websites like Evernote or Netflix , but also applications that take full advantage of mobility. This is the case, for example, with Snapchat’s Swiftkey keyboard or the Alarmy alarm clock . Games, social networks, keyboards or file manager , the editorial staff of Tom’s Guide has selected for you 50 free applications among the best of Android . 

    DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

    Image 2: Android: the best free apps

    In an era when browsing the Internet is becoming more and more frightening for the security of your personal data, DuckDuckGo offers a search engine that you can safely use. DuckDuckGo allows you to increase the protection of your data by encryption, to do private searches or to decode privacy policies. On every site DuckDuckGo displays a privacy rating ranging from A to F to let you know how well your personal data is protected. It works like a normal browser, so you won’t be disappointed. You can find all the features that make Google an essential search engine, but without compromising your personal data.

    Verdict:   Those who want to protect their data will find their happiness with DuckDuckGo (also available on Windows). It secures your information while offering the convenience of a classic search engine.


    Image 3: Android: the best free apps

    The Ted Talks are a series of lectures, where speakers from around the world are invited to share their ideas on a topic. No matter what theme you think of, there’s bound to be a Ted talk on it. Enjoy all the lectures free of charge and fully subtitled in over 100 languages. If you are looking for interesting and / or entertaining content for your commute to work, this is the app for you. You will be able to download the videos for access at any time, even offline. In addition, the mobile application, regularly improved, offers you personalized recommendations, adapted to your areas of interest.

    Verdict  : Ted is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn more, no matter what. Its porting in mobile application allows you to use it in all circumstances.

    SoloLearn : Learn to Code for Free

    Image 4: Android: the best free apps

    Have you always dreamed of learning to code but don’t know where to start? SoloLearn is for you! Get dozens of free courses on most programming languages ​​ranging from Python to JavaScript to SQL. You will have the opportunity to write code directly on your mobile and will be able to enjoy fun exercises that will train you to become a better developer.

    The developer community that accompanies SoloLearn can provide you with help and advice. However, the courses are not yet available in French, so you must have a sufficient level of English to be able to understand the different courses offered.

    Verdict  : SoloLearn is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn to code with courses adapted to their level, simple and fun. In addition, the mobile platform allows you to train anywhere and anytime. If learning a programming language scared you, you shouldn’t hesitate any longer .Télécharger SoloLearn : Learn to Code for Free


    Image 5: Android: the best free apps

    Developed by three French students and already claiming several million followers, Yuka is a free application set to revolutionize consumption. Completely independent from companies in the agri-food sector, it relies on open databases to reveal the nutritional composition of products for which it is submitted the barcode. Concretely, you “photograph” in one second your yogurts, sauces or prepared meals to discover detailed, easily accessible information, and above all an overall score which sums up the quality of the product.

    Rated out of 100, this score reveals the nutritional quality of a product, but also the possible presence of risky additives and the use of an organic label. More recently, Yuka has expanded to cosmetics with the Open Beauty Facts database and healthier alternatives are systematically offered to you in case of a poor score.

    Verdict: Definitely essential, Yuka is revolutionizing the way we consume. Its user-friendly interface, its simple and fun principle and above all its wise advice reveal the dark side of the products that haunt our supermarkets and allow you, in record time, to separate the wheat from the chaff. To try it is to adopt it.
    Download Yuka(will open in a new window)


    Image 6: Android: the best free apps

    If you regularly feed your social media accounts or run a website, there are plenty of reasons to create visuals that immediately catch the eye. Canva is a powerful design creation tool, with tens of thousands of templates tailored to the dimensions of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. You import your own images, you change the texts and colors, you change the position of the elements or you add new ones and voila: you get the image ready to be published. There are many additional categories, from flyers to posters, including book covers or advertising posters.

    Verdict: Very practical for creating attractive visuals in seconds, Canva is a service that essentially shines through the quality of these models. While some more advanced compositions are chargeable, free templates do the job perfectly: thanks to a user-friendly interface, you quickly end up with truly personalized renderings.
    Download Canva(will open in a new window)


    Image 7: Android: the best free apps

    Are you spending a few days with friends, organizing a party or living in a shared apartment? To better share your expenses without engaging in complex calculations, trust Tricount . You define an event, then enter the name of each participant. All you have to do is write down your expenses, specifying the payers and the guests concerned. You can thus plan more elaborate scenarios, with uneven distributions or expenses that only concern certain people. You see each person’s account live and the application clearly states the repayments to be made to return to balance.

    Verdict: Good accounts make good friends. Tricount stands out as the most intuitive solution for balancing accounts during a trip with friends. We appreciate its ergonomic interface and the possibility of adding expenses that only concern certain participants. They can also freely access the common project and thus add expenses, through the app or the official website. To try it is to adopt it

    .Download Tricount


    Image 8: Android: the best free apps

    Do you need a helping hand, a service or a specific item? Do you want to focus on the local fabric and call on your own neighbors? As its name suggests, AlloVoisins is a support network between individuals and professionals residing in the same neighborhoods. After creating your account with your full address (it will not appear in the eyes of other users), you find the list of requests in the vicinity and you are invited to enter your own needs. Although it is not mandatory, you can offer hourly or daily pay. Conversely, the application allows you to supplement your end of the month by renting your services or objects that clutter your cupboards.

    Verdict: After a certain period of learning to master the interface, AlloVoisins is a practical application to call on individuals or professionals in your neighborhood. Obviously, the catalog is sometimes akin to a pure directory of providers, but the rating and review system is sufficiently explicit to find a reliable contact. The idea of ​​offering your services yourself, for free or for a fee, while meeting new people in your neighborhood is enticing.Download AlloVoisins(will open in a new window)

    Google Podcasts

    Image 9: Android: the best free apps

    After having long favored its Play Music service for the distribution of podcasts, Google finally decided, in mid-2018, to launch a dedicated application . Logically called Google Podcasts , it is now the gateway to these audio shows on Android. Google Podcast lets you search through thousands of podcasts available on the internet, download each episode by hand, find the most popular podcasts, or delete episodes after you’ve listened to them.

    Verdict: Google Podcasts is easy to approach, if not far too simplistic. We would be entitled to expect more features like personalized suggestions, a playlist or automatic download from the web giant, especially given the backlog in podcasts. The application may offer a clear interface, it remains however far too limited.Download Google Podcasts(will open in a new window)


    Image 10: Android: the best free apps

    Have you noticed that you often perform the same operations, at regular intervals, on your smartphone? For example, do you turn on Bluetooth when leaving your home, for your wireless headset, and turn it off when you get to the office? Do you set up the same alarm clock before going to bed? Automate is a very sophisticated free application that automates your most recurring tasks, based on conditions you define. With your fingertips, you move up to 330 blocks that you interconnect in a logical sequence. You can thus activate certain operations (saving in the cloud, launching an application, etc.) if a specific event arises, such as geolocation at a precise location for example, then follow up with other actions.

    Verdict: Automate is a powerful system tool, which will save you precious time to automate all the most recurring tasks. However, the most complex sequences should be reserved for advanced users, as the configuration can sometimes be tedious, with many fields to customize.
    Download Automate(will open in a new window)

    Microsoft Office Lens

    Image 11: Android: the best free apps

    In the age of dematerialization, it is less and less necessary to use paper documents for compatibility, for example. However, it still often happens that the only documents available to us are printed, such as payslips, identity papers or invoices. Therefore, one of the solutions to digitize these documents when you do not have a scanner is to go through an application . Office Lens is designed for this sole purpose, with a system for delimiting documents, changing orientation or perspective.

    Verdict: Office Lens does its job perfectly. The application is simple, with very good management of perspectives or brightness. It also allows post-processing to manually redefine the angles of a document, as well as an export in several formats (JPG, PDF, OCR, PPT) and a backup on the Microsoft cloud.Download Office Lens
    (will open in a new window)

    Frigo Magic

    Picture 12: Android: the best free apps

    Are you lacking the inspiration to prepare delicious meals? You are not a fine cordon bleu, but you want to learn? And above all, are you sensitive to food waste and the nutritional value of your meals? Particularly original, Frigo Magic is an application that offers hundreds of recipes based on the ingredients in your fridge and cupboards. It can take a long time to enter all of these initially, but then you will only need to update this list of ingredients. The app then offers you many recipes that you can make without going to the supermarket or the greengrocer, with an automatic reading mode and excellent general readability.

    Verdict: With recipes that are sensitive to nutritional value, which highlight seasonal products and above all which make use of all the ingredients that already fill your cupboards, Frigo Magic is a real success. Reading the recipes is very pleasant and the explanations are clear enough for great beginners. By the way, you filter the list according to the utensils you have at home. A real good idea, likely to be enriched by users through photos of the cooked dishes. The icing on the cake is that the advertisements are relatively non-intrusive.Download Frigo Magic(will open in a new window)

    Too Good To Go

    Image 13: Android: the best free apps

    Tired of seeing supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants or more generally all food stores throwing away food that they haven’t sold during the day, in your neighborhood? Thanks to TooGoodToGo , you combine your ecological fiber with your desire to make serious savings. The app lists all of the stores near your location that are playing the game, and making discount baskets from items that are soon to be expired.

    For 2 to 5 euros on average, you leave with a garnished net filled with pastries, delicatessen or even unsold supermarket. You thus help to reduce waste and you discover a new way of shopping, more focused on sustainable development. You do not directly choose the products you get through this, but you will certainly have items that will give you new cooking urges.

    Verdict: Very easy to use, TooGoodToGo revolutionizes your relationship with consumption. After having validated the purchase of a basket from one of the establishments appearing on the list, you discover the time slot during which you can come and collect it. Consider bringing your own shopping bag to further reduce the ecological bill. A modern and original solution to work, in your way, for sustainable development and avoid waste, while saving money. What more ?Télécharger Too Good To Go(will open in a new window)


    Picture 14: Android: the best free apps

    No need to deny it: out of weariness, we often use the same password on all our favorite web services. Social networks, e-mail accounts or even online banks: if a security breach affects one of these services, all of our data is exposed. But you can’t remember so many complex and individual passwords! This is where a password vault, like Dashlane, comes in . Each time you create an account, entrust it with the task of defining the precious sesame, as complex as possible. It stores them in a single interface, protected by a master password, the only one you will have to remember. You can connect securely to all your favorite services, with great flexibility of use.

    Verdict: Very quickly essential, Dashlane considerably strengthens your security on the Web, through a user-friendly and efficient mobile application. You also gain in convenience, with quickly pre-filled forms on your mobile browser. Ideally, you will adopt the Premium solution at 3.33 € per month to synchronize the base with all your other devices, in particular PCs and Macs.
    Download Dashlane(will open in a new window)


    Picture 15: Android: the best free apps

    During your hikes in the forest or your walks in the city, you have often wondered what the plants and animals around you correspond to? Thanks to Seek , you will finally put a name on any living species. You just have to point the sensor of your smartphone at a bird, a plant, a mushroom or an insect to identify the corresponding species in a few seconds. The application is even capable of recognizing in real time the flora and fauna you are filming, without taking a photo, with a minimal error rate.

    Another way of reading, you can browse a map of the surroundings, with all the species identified by other users. You will undoubtedly be surprised at the varieties represented in this way, and you will even be able to see them on the spot, by following the route on the map. We also like the fun aspect, with badges to unlock depending on the number of identifications you make.

    Verdict: Sponsored by WWF and the iNaturalist community, the benchmark site for identifying living species, Seek relies on a very large database to quickly recognize the flora and fauna around you. Inevitably, the error rate depends on the quality of your shots and the “readability” of the subject (plants work better than species on the move), but the results are often stunning. Completing the concept with a map of the surroundings, with the species represented, is a real good idea, which adds to the fun.Download Seek

    Chrome Remote Desktop

    Image 16: Android: the best free apps

    Do you want easy access to one of the computers in your home network, from the comfort of your smartphone? Thanks to Chrome Remote Desktop , operation is easy regardless of your technical level. You just have to download the application on your mobile then go to the address on the computer of your choice.

    As the name suggests, the connection is actually made through a Google Chrome browser add-on. You quickly create an account and install the necessary elements for free for Windows, MacOS or Linux. Back in the mobile application, you will find the list of computers currently connected. You just need to select one of them in order to manipulate it remotely. You benefit from a virtual keyboard and you zoom at your leisure on the interface.

    Verdict: Practical for easily retrieving a document, for modifying a setting or for accessing an item on your remote computer, this application is very easy to use. Without a heavy configuration on your workstations or advanced settings of your firewall, you can easily operate your machines from your smartphone and enjoy a great level of comfort.
    Download Chrome Remote Desktop(will open in a new window)


    Picture 17: Android: the best free apps

    Molotov is an application that allows you, very simply and completely legally, to have access to the main television channels from your smartphone or tablet. The application offers you to create an account, then to watch the main TNT channels, as well as some partner channels for free like NoLife. A particularity of the application, it particularly highlights the programs, and not necessarily the channels, and allows you to browse according to the content currently broadcast (sport, series, information, etc.). Finally, it should be noted that it is possible to follow certain personalities and certain programs to be kept informed of a broadcast.

    Verdict: Molotov has the interest of offering a unified interface to watch all his favorite programs live. It allows you to do without the native applications of each channel and to use a single service, which has the advantage of being particularly well designed.Download Molotov(will open in a new window)

    Adobe Scan

    Picture 18: Android: the best free apps

    Your wallet swells under the receipts and your various papers pile up on your desk? With Adobe Scan , you directly use your smartphone’s photo sensor to scan all your documents and save them as PDFs. In seconds, you preview the rendering, edges are automatically recognized, and text appears sharper. You can even use a very efficient character recognition module or stitch several pages together. This free application also integrates with the entire Adobe ecosystem so you can easily export documents to the cloud, for use with Reader for example.

    Verdict: Simple and efficient, Adobe Scan is an excellent pocket scanner. Ideal for capturing receipts or receipts on the spot, before losing them among so many other papers, and to archive your most useful documents in an instant. We appreciate the automatic framing and character recognition, as well as the ability to export to PDF or Microsoft Office formats.
    Download Adobe Scan(will open in a new window)


    Picture 19: Android: the best free apps

    Boomerang is an application allowing you to make short videos to share in messaging, on social networks or on Instagram , since they are the same developers. The app will actually use your main camera, or the one for selfies, and shoot for just a second. Once the sequence is saved, the application will loop it, backwards and forwards to create loops. Finally, before sharing the sequence, it is possible to integrate software stabilization or to recut the video.

    Verdict: Boomerang lends itself mostly to actions and movement. The app can create some funny moments and comes in handy for short reaction videos on social media or instant messaging.Download Boomerang(will open in a new window)


    Image 20: Android: the best free apps

    Whether you are a great beginner or a complete athlete, RunKeeper is the ideal companion for your sports activities. The interface is particularly intuitive and you can instantly select your type of outing (running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc.), with appropriate statistics. In its free version, the app allows you to define goals (easy 20-minute session, session to burn calories, short accelerations, etc.) if you want to benefit from effective coaching. During the ride, you receive audio notifications indicating your pace or the number of kilometers swallowed, and your breaks are automatically recognized. At the end of a race, you will find the detailed route on a map, with precise statistics.

    Verdict: In the vast market of sports support apps, RunKeeper stands out as an excellent student, in particular thanks to its user-friendly interface, very accurate measurements and the possibility of personalizing sessions. We also appreciate the possibility of archiving the outputs, to see the progress over the months.Download Runkeeper(will open in a new window)

    Google Agenda

    Picture 21: Android: the best free apps

    Although it is an application developed by Google, Google Calendar has very little basic presence on a new Android smartphone. Manufacturers generally prefer to offer their own solution. However, Google’s application is both one of the most practical and the most stylish. It thus integrates the addition of events with places, times, recurrences, but also the possibility of integrating several calendars, the search for events or views per day, per week, per month or for three days. Google Calendar can also allow you to add goals or reminders .

    Verdict: Google Calendar may be a pretty basic app, but it’s still one of the best calendar apps on Android. Easy to use and functional, we also appreciate its look, especially in day view, for the thumbnails of each event in a photo or on a map.Download Google Calendar(will open in a new window)

    Pokémon Go

    Picture 22: Android: the best free apps

    It’s hard to miss the Pokémon Go game developed by the Niantic Labs studio. In this port of Pokémon games into the real universe, you are encouraged to walk around your town and region to hunt for Pokémon and catch the hundreds of creatures available in the game. The goal is then to make your fighters fight. Pokémon to capture and hold arenas for your team, hatch eggs to get new Pokémon, or improve the potency of your Pokémon by giving them candy suited to their species.

    But Pokémon Go has above all succeeded in the bold bet of preserving the interest of players, even three years after its release, by constantly reinventing its rules. Raids have thus made their appearance and have brought together a large community of players in the neighborhoods, who meet every day with a system of exchanges of Pokémon and friendship. In parallel, Niantic multiplies the special events, to titillate the acute collectionnite of the most regular players.

    Verdict: Particularly addictive, the Pokémon Go app is a great hobby game when on the go. We particularly appreciate its free and the fact that it is not necessary to pay to progress quickly. Another advantage: developers regularly add new features to it, such as multi-party raids or Pokémon exchanges, and organize special events. What to quickly become addicted!Download Pokémon Go(will open in a new window)

    Google Fit

    Picture 23: Android: the best free apps

    Fit is Google’s health and physical activity app . Similar to Apple’s Health, it can record a lot of information about you to motivate you to move or lose weight if you want to. Basically, the application can count the number of steps taken during the day using the accelerometer of your smartphone, without even needing a connected bracelet. The service can also connect to other third-party applications like Withings, Fitbit, TomTom or others, in order to synchronize data.

    Verdict: Google Fit is a Swiss Army knife application. It is particularly practical for counting your steps without a connected bracelet. However, it goes further since it is able to automatically record the route of your running or cycling races in the background. Finally, synchronization with other services makes it an ideal platform for your activity monitoring.Download Google Fit(will open in a new window)

    Adobe Photoshop Express

    Image 24: Android: the best free apps

    Are you looking for a photo editing editor on your mobile, to quickly correct your snapshots captured on the spot or to embellish them? Trust one of the leaders of the genre: in a simple and clean interface, Adobe Photoshop Expressincorporates the characteristics of its essential model on PC and Mac. Obviously, don’t expect layer management or other advanced options: the challenge is quite different, with quick and easy edits. After loading a photo, you will find a series of filters at the bottom of the screen, to reinforce the tints or apply multiple effects. Other options allow you to correct the brightness, contrast, crop the photo or rotate it, or even touch up any imperfections by selecting them with your fingertips. You then save the result, without overwriting the original snapshot.

    Verdict: Far from being a simple substitute for the classic version of Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Express is a powerful editor that shines with its ease of use and the quality of its renderings. Using sliders, you modulate each effect and thus obtain perfect shots of your fondest memories. A real treat !Download Photoshop Express(will open in a new window)


    Picture 25: Android: the best free apps

    Gone are the endless to-do or shopping lists that you hurriedly jot down on post-it notes and keep getting lost. With Todoist , you get one of the best tools for creating lists in a simple and intuitive way. You start by defining one or more projects, then enter the tasks you want to associate with them and sort them in the order of your choice. For each element, you can choose a specific color, assign it to another user whose e-mail you specify, possibly indent it in a tree structure and above all define a deadline. You will then receive alerts at the appropriate time and you can easily indicate that a task has been completed by checking the box associated with it.

    Verdict: Perfectly done, Todoist fulfills its role. The interface is very clean, you can easily switch from one project to another and add multiple tasks in seconds. We appreciate the fun aspect of the application, with encouragement to maintain a good pace and finalize all projects.Download Todoist(will open in a new window)


    Picture 26: Android: the best free apps

    Muzei is an application that lets you change your wallpaper every day. Every morning when you wake up, you can discover a new work of art, selected by the developers of the application. The screen display can be set to grayscale, blur or more darkness to keep your icons or widgets visible on the home screen. Also note that it is possible to find out more about the artwork downloaded each day using a link to Wikiart.

    Verdict: Very well optimized, the application allows you to never tire of your wallpapers. We appreciate not only the selection of works offered, but also the features to integrate it into your interface with several parameters.Download Muzei(will open in a new window)


    Picture 27: Android: the best free apps

    After neglecting mobile apps for several years, Reddit finally launched its Android app in April 2016 . Reddit is a predominantly English-speaking site that is organized around subbreddits, communities around different areas of interest. We can thus find subreddit on Hearthstone, on Game of Thrones, on Star Wars or even on French politics. The application allows you to navigate through these different topics by following specific subreddits, but also to create discussion topics, vote for the most relevant posts or comment on the posts.

    Verdict: The application is quite successful with a clear interface using Google’s design codes. It should also be noted that the application displays sponsored posts with advertising, even if these integrate fairly well into the application.Download Reddit(will open in a new window)


    Picture 28: Android: the best free apps

    For video game fans, the Twitch app is a must. It allows you to watch live players , but also competitions, performances, speedruns or important matches of your favorite game live. The application uses the same navigation principle as the website with the search first by game, then by channel. It is also possible to display the video in full screen or with the chat, but also to have a preview of the video being played while browsing elsewhere in the application.

    Verdict: While Twitch player tends to roll out in HTML5, it is not yet available to everyone. Therefore, the Android application remains the best way to discover these live videos with some well-felt functions in addition.Download Twitch(will open in a new window)


    Picture 29: Android: the best free apps

    Do you never let go of your smartphone, from morning to night, and you feel like you’ve become hopelessly addicted to it? Find out about it with Digitox , one of the many “digital wellness” apps available on the Google store. Even if it may seem paradoxical to use an app to gradually detach yourself from your smartphone, you will be surprised at its effectiveness. In the center of the interface, you will find detailed statistics of your use. You discover how much time you spend on social networks or mobile games, among others. For each application, you can define a usage limit after which it can no longer be launched.

    Verdict: Convenient to accurately assess your level of addiction to your smartphone, Digitox is an excellent solution for viewing detailed statistics. You quickly create “whitelists” of authorized apps and set limits for daily use, application by application. The only downside is that the app’s translation sometimes leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s not a problem to enjoy a good overview.Download Digitox(will open in a new window)


    Picture 30: Android: the best free apps

    If Google and the various smartphone manufacturers already offer their own keyboards in Android for typing text, it is however possible to install alternative keyboards intended to replace the default keyboard of your smartphone. This is the case with Swiftkey . Particularly complete, the application allows you to replace your keyboard with a more efficient one. The Swiftkey keyboard is indeed synchronized with your Facebook or Google accounts, but also your SMS to learn the most used words and suggest terms when you write. The application is thus often correct. It is also possible to change the design of the keyboard or use it by sliding from letter to letter.

    Verdict: Swiftkey is one of the best keyboard apps on Android by far. The terms suggested are very often fair and the application is highly customizable.Download Swiftkey(will open in a new window)

    Google Keep

    Picture 31: Android: the best free apps

    Unless you have a series of applications pre-installed by your smartphone manufacturer, Android lacks a quick note-taking tool by default. Correct this pitfall with Google Keep , a very easy-to-use free app, which comes with a real web service, accessible in a browser. On your mobile, all you have to do is tap on “Create a note” to freely enter the text of your choice or draw with your fingertips. You can associate reminders to each note, as well as voice memos and images. The great advantage of Google Keep lies in the automatic synchronization of each of your notes with the online service, accessible at .

    Verdict: Extremely practical on a daily basis, Google Keep keeps its promises. You enter all your notes intuitively, you may accompany them with images or audio notes, and you retrieve them from any other workstation or device. A delight !Download Google Keep(will open in a new window)


    Picture 32: Android: the best free apps

    Slack is a collaboration and chat app. Essentially used in a professional setting or for work groups , it can also be practical for an association, or even a group of friends. The application for Android provides access to the main functionalities of the site or of Windows and Mac software. It integrates other services like GitHub, Google Drive or Dropbox for file sharing. You can use the application to create multiple discussion threads with multiple collaborators, but also for private messages.

    Verdict: If you are addicted to work, Slack can be a great tool to stay connected with your coworkers at all times. The app can also be used in various settings. However, beware of the overload of work if you need to breathe a little.Download Slack(will open in a new window)


    Picture 33: Android: the best free apps

    Original and well designed, Geev espouses a concept that we can only adhere to: reducing waste. Thousands of individuals are already using it to donate items they no longer need, or food they won’t eat. By launching the application and then authorizing geolocation, you will discover everything that your immediate neighbors have to offer. Toys for children, household appliances, furniture, dishes or still perfectly valid foodstuffs: this gigantic and fraternal “catalog” is constantly being enriched and you are obviously invited to feed it in your turn.

    Verdict: With its exemplary philosophy, Geev is an application that you quickly get hooked on: the donation list is always full of good ideas and you can in turn get rid of objects that have become unnecessary and thus give them a second life. Appointments are made through an internal messaging system, sober and friendly. Only downside: like all concepts of sharing and mutual aid, the interest of the application obviously depends on the size of the community. And some rural areas still lack followers.
    Download Geev

    Easy Backup

    Picture 34: Android: the best free apps

    As the name suggests, Easy Backup offers you to backup and restore all data contained in your Android device. The main advantage of this app is that most of its backup features can be accessed without having to root the smartphone or tablet. Easy Backup & Restore is capable of backing up SMS, MMS, call log, calendar, contact list, etc. Once the operation has been carried out, you can restore them to the same device, or to another model: very useful when changing phones and wanting to keep all of their old messages. Easy Backupcan also make apps installed as APK. Note that for backing up the settings and data of each application (a current game, for example), a device root is required. 

    Verdict : One of the most convenient and functional backup tools on Android. We especially appreciate that it does not require root for most of the backup functions. A great way to keep old messages safe after a reinstallation or a change of equipment.
    Download Easy Backup(will open in a new window)


    Picture 35: Android: the best free apps

    The applications for registering your loyalty cards are legion, but few have an interface as ergonomic as that of Stocard . Hundreds of signs are pre-recorded and you just need to scan your cards one by one by presenting them in front of your smartphone sensor to register them. You will then find an overview of your portfolio, and you just have to select one of your cards to display it in full screen and present it to the cashier.

    Among the other advantages of the application, we find the possibility of monitoring live the status of your loyalty points for each brand. For compatible stores, you can even find the balance of your kitty in real time. An extremely simple and practical solution, on a daily basis, not to clutter your wallet and to be sure not to forget your loyalty cards at home!

    Verdict: Never again will you have to pluck your wallet looking for a loyalty card, in a hurry at the checkout, under the glare of the following customers. With Stocard, you store all of your cards in one place. You will be able to proudly brandish them, in a few seconds, when you go to checkout. Supreme interest, you will follow in real time the balance of your pool of points.
    Download Stocard(will open in a new window)


    Picture 36: Android: the best free apps

    Citymapper is an Android application made to optimize your trips, particularly by public transport . The application offers you three different components. The first provides an overview of traffic and current incidents in public transport, whether it be the metro, RER, trams or commuter trains. The second part allows you to launch a route search from where you are. Note that the application can record your home and your workplace. Finally, the last tab gives you an overview of the stops and stations close to where you are. For now only available for Paris and the Paris region , the application is gradually being rolled out across the world.

    Verdict: If Citymapper only concerns the Paris region in France, the application is so well designed that it is an excellent alternative to the services of SNCF, RATP or STIF. Unlike Google Maps, Citymapper also integrates all public transport, including commuter trains.Download Citymapper(will open in a new window)

    Microsoft Word

    Picture 37: Android: the best free apps

    Since January 2015, it is now possible to actually use your Android tablet as a computer. If the office automation tools were until now rather primary, the reference is now compatible with the Google system. Microsoft has indeed published versions of its Office suite on Android with Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and above all, Word . Once launched, the app will ask you to sign in or create a Microsoft accountto synchronize your documents. Once launched, the Word application gives you access to most of the text editor functions. You can change the size, font or color of the text, change its layout, add bullets, embed images stored in your tablet’s gallery or even search for a specific word in the text.

    Verdict: Word is the application that Android tablets lacked to make them real working tools when paired with a wireless keyboard. Too bad, however, that the application is reserved only for tablets.Download Microsoft Word(will open in a new window)

    Picture 38: Android: the best free apps

    Associated with the website of the same name, stands out as one of the most complete and efficient solutions to quickly test your Internet connection. The application automatically identifies the server closest to your location and detects the upstream, downstream and ping speed of your 4G or Wi-Fi connection. Ideal for quickly diagnosing a problem, or for understanding why an application is running slow . You instantly find all the measurements you have taken, to compare the results.

    Verdict : Simple and practical, fulfills its contract perfectly and is already close to the thirty billion tests carried out through it. In its latest version, the application is even able to map the mesh of the 3G / 4G network of each of the operators. Ideal for comparing the coverage rate you will benefit from, in more remote areas. A great utility to keep among your other system tools.Download


    Picture 39: Android: the best free apps

    Hearthstone is Blizzard’s card game, inspired by the world of Warcraft . It is, for the player, to play at the right time one of the 30 cards of his deck in order to overcome the creatures of his opponent and, ultimately, the points of life of his hero. Of course, all while protecting his own hero. Nine classes are available, each with specific creatures and spells , in card form. Hearthstone is a free-to-play game . It is thus possible to play for free, by gradually winning packs of 5 random cards, or by purchasing these packs directly for real money. The final objective being to have the30-card decks the most optimized to be able to face all types of online opponents, always with a level equivalent to yours, or to face your friends.

    Verdict: Hearthstone  is very easy to access and offers a well thought out tutorial. It is regularly updated with a very balanced class system, numerous expansions, fun animations and original game mechanics. Download Hearthstone(will open in a new window)


    Picture 40: Android: the best free apps

    Netflix is a subscription VOD service that allows you, for 8 to 12 euros per month depending on the chosen offer, to watch as many films and series episodes as you want. While Netflix is ​​primarily a web service, it is also available on most gaming consoles and even as iOS or Android apps. The application allows you to access the entire Netflix catalog . You can see a selection of works according to your tastes, access the list of movies or series you have planned to see or simply browse by category. The application also allows you to pick up a work, film or series, where you left off last time.

    Verdict: The only flaw of the Netflix app on Android is that it is a paid service. However, it is possible to use it when registering for the service for the first time, the first month being free. In addition, we still regret not having more works available, even if the catalog is growing gradually.Download Netflix(will open in a new window)


    Picture 41: Android: the best free apps

    Not all Android media players are as richly endowed as those on Sony’s Xperia Z or Samsung’s Galaxy Note . Not all codecs are supported and you have to rely on an alternative player. To make sure that you never find yourself stuck with a file whose format you do not know, you can rely on VLC and its Android application. It has also recently left the beta phase, so stability is much less uncertain. In short, you no longer have any excuse not to download it. 

    Verdict:VLC quickly established itself as an essential application on PC and Mac. It didn’t take long for it to do the same on Android. Its functionality and stability make it a must-have.
    Download VLC(will open in a new window)


    Picture 42: Android: the best free apps

    ComicRack is an extremely complete digital comic reader which allows you to read comics in CBR and CBZ format. The application offers very clear navigation between the different albums in your library and playback based on very intuitive gestures such as double tap to zoom or swipe your finger to change page. The previews are also very smooth and allow for quick board changes.

    Verdict: ComicRack won hands down our comparison of digital comic readers for Android with its very clear interface and its ease of use despite the lack of playback of jpg files.Download ComicRack(will open in a new window)


    Picture 43: Android: the best free apps

    WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging application around the world, which still has over half a billion users. Bought last year for some 19 billion dollars by Facebook , the service has continued since its development. The features are vast, from sending texts, to photos or videos, to audio recordings, it is even rumored that voice calls are being considered. 

    Verdict: WhatsApp is an application very easy to use and yet very powerful in its features. The account being linked to the SIM card number, configuration is very fast, especially since the service is free for the first year. From the second, only 89 cents are required to extend the duration of use.
    Download WhatsApp(will open in a new window)


    Picture 44: Android: the best free apps

    Leader in music recognition applications, Shazam is a particularly easy to use application. After launching the app, you can press a button to recognize the music playing around you. After a few seconds, the answer appears with a purchase link on Amazon, but also a clip or the possibility of listening to the title in streamingon Rdio or Spotify. The application also offers to keep in memory your last recognized titles, to see the titles recognized by your Facebook friends , to have a classification of the most searched titles or to know which are the most recognized titles in the world by country.

    Verdict: Very easy to access, Shazam also allows, in the settings, to automatically launch the search as soon as the application is opened. We appreciate its simplicity and the relatively light advertising. A version without advertising and with archiving of all research exists, for nearly 5 euros. For classic and occasional use, the free application is more than enough.Download Shazam(will open in a new window)

    Google Translate

    Picture 45: Android: the best free apps

    Google’s translation has nothing more to prove, it is undoubtedly one of the most efficient on the market. On mobile, Google thus offers an application dedicated to its translation service, Google Translate . Obviously, the application allows you to translate words typed on the keyboard, but also thanks to voice recognition or by taking a photo of the text to be translated.

    Verdict: Very handy for translating an expression on the fly, Google Translate is one of the best apps of its kind. We simply regret that it is not available offline to be used abroad without exploding its roaming package.Download Google Translate(will open in a new window)


    Picture 46: Android: the best free apps

    Waze is a navigation application recently acquired by Google . It offers a very extensive community aspect with sharing of all types of guidance points such as traffic, accidents, speed cameras, etc. The fun aspect of the app is also well developed with points to be earned by using the app to unlock new features.

    Verdict: If the design of the application, very childish and with geolocated advertising, very far from the standards of Google applications. Its large community nevertheless ensures reliable mapping and updating of navigation points.Download Waze(will open in a new window)


    Picture 47: Android: the best free apps

    The Google Reader app for Android is very well designed. Fast, complete and stylish, it will however be removed by Google as of July 1. Feedly is an application that allows you to replace Google Reader in a pleasant way by connecting to your Google account and keeping a very similar interface and gestures. So, just drag an article to drag an article to the left to mark it as read. In addition, Feedly also offers other more graphical interfaces in magazine format that have nothing to envy to Google News Feed or Flipboard. 

    The editorial staff’s opinion:For simple occasional news readers or the most frequent RSS feed users, Feedly is an application that meets all uses. However, we regret the sometimes too slow loading
    Download Feedly(will open in a new window)

    X-plore File Manager

    Picture 48: Android: the best free apps

    Android smartphones are lucky to have unrestricted access to internal and external memory. As well enjoy ! Few of the phones come with a tool to do this completely. Whatever, the very good X-plore File Manager takes care of it in detail. Whether it’s moving a file or folder, duplicating or deleting it, these simple tasks are handled without a hitch. Other more advanced functionalities, such as access to an FTP server or the exchange of files with a computer using a web browser, are also accessible.

    Verdict: Those who spend time tidying up their files and folders, or who appreciate clearing their phone’s memory don’t have to hesitate very long: X-plore File Manager is undoubtedly one the most efficient software in the field.
    Download X-plore File Manager


    Picture 49: Android: the best free apps

    Pocket provides a solution to a problem shared by many on the internet: the lack of time. Through social networks or various websites, we come across dozens or even hundreds of interesting articles. This application allows these pages to be set aside in order to read them later. Except it doesn’t stop there. Once imported into Pocket, the article is imported into a specific interface accessible offline with an adaptation to facilitate reading. It doesn’t end there. It is even possible to have the articles in question read, via the speech synthesis integrated in Android. A solution to quietly listen to your articles in the evening in transport if you have tired eyes after a day stuck in front of the screen. 

    The editorial staff’s opinion:so as not to miss anything on the Internet, Pocket is the ideal assistant. Its well-designed interface adapted to reading contributes to the ease of use. As for voice synthesis, if the functionality is practical, it is constrained by a robotic voice which should be confined to GPS. But since all of this is free, we forgive him easily.
    Download Pocket(will open in a new window)


    Picture 50: Android: the best free apps

    DropBox allows you to save your data online using the principle of Cloud computing. Whether using your smartphone or a computer, you can synchronize, upload and download your content. If it works very well, this service observes a lot of competition today. Google Drive, SkyDrive or even ADrive face it. In the free version, it only offers 2 GB; it’s a bit light. 

    The editor’s opinion: despite the little space available by default, this space can be extended to more than 16 GB by various actions delivered on the site. In addition, when buying a Samsung smartphone (Android), 25 or 50 GB can be added.
    Download DropBox(will open in a new window)

    Google Arts & Culture

    Picture 51: Android: the best free apps

    For several years now, Google has participated in a large project for the high-definition digitization of artistic works. The Mountain View giant completes its approach with its building mapping technology: you can literally walk the ground of the largest museums in the world, and linger on each of the paintings, thanks to Google Arts & Culture. The mobile application gives you privileged access to this type of functionality, also accessible through a classic browser. Supreme advantage, here you immerse yourself in virtual reality views to try with a Cardbox accessory (cardboard boxes in which you plug your phone, which you can optionally build yourself). Regularly updated programs give you access to unsuspected collections.

    Verdict: At the cost of an interface that must be mastered, Google Arts & Culture offers you a fantastic dive into the most beautiful artistic heritage in the world. The full screen views are magnificent, the virtual reality tours with the Cardbox accessory are truly immersive and you have the possibility of finding the works near your position.
    Download Google Arts & Culture

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